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Customer Reviews


5 stars What a fun time reading this book!
I have the entire Qween Iween series and I have to admit that this one [Queen Iween's To Be A Honey Bee, Like Me! ] is my favorite one. It was so fun to read (creative rhyming) to my 5-year daughter. Another bonus is the "quiz" at the end of the book. It really helps a parent understand how much your child is comprehending AND retaining. I have to go back to the helpful page numbers listed for the answers to check my daughter's answers and remarkably she is correct 90% of the time. It truly astounds me! The photos are so beautiful as well. It's nice to see "real" photos of these amazing creatures that inhabit our world beside us. Thanks for providing such an interesting, wonderful and educational tool for my children (and us parents too)!


Cheri A.

5 stars My son loves this book!
I thought my 9-year old might be a little too old to appreciate this book, but he absolutely loves it. The incredibly detailed photographs of the bugs are fascinating to kids of all ages. The great descriptions about the bug's qualities are written in a way that they are totally understandable for children. No matter how many times we read it, Austin never lets me skip the quiz at the end. He likes to show off his knowledge and I like seeing that he is not just enjoying the book, but learning from it as well. I have purchased this book as a gift for friends and relatives with kids of a wide age range, because I think it is appropriate for kids young and old. I see that there is a second book in the series now, so we can't wait to buy that one!


"Dad to 3" from San Diego, CA

5 starsMy Kids Love it
"This turned out to be a very unique book idea. Each page has a great bug photo and the opposite page tells you some cool details about the bug. On the page with the photo there is a more simple story line that our 7 year old could practice reading. Our 9 year old can read both parts. Kids love bugs, and this book is great for our family. The pictures are amazing."


J. Nolen from Kansas City, MO

5 stars Great fun!
"A great children's book that teaches while it entertains. Our 4-year old son loves bugs and books. He loves Bug Buddies because of the great, close-up, pictures and interesting facts about each bug. This has quickly become one of his favorite books to sit down with.”


Grandma from Ontario, Canada

5 starsAll 5 granddaughters loved it!
Wow, what a response!! I read this book to my son's 3 girls: 11 1/2, nearly 9 and 4 1/2 years old. They listened and participated and answered as we went along, completely mesmerized by this book. They remembered everything, even role played curling into a ball (like a roly poly bug) and they even remembered the names of the bugs and the bug's proper names afterwards.

Our son Marc, will from now on be called "Marc the Millipede" just like in the book. We went through the whole book including the quiz, even picking the name for the Blue Dragonfly. By the way, that really seemed to please them, that they had an input. The older ones had learned and understood all the names in the glossary. Even our youngest granddaughter remembered several of them, like nocturnal and camouflage, which surprised me. It was a huge success. We went through the "All about me" and "All about my friends" and nobody seemed to be distracted or bored.

3 hours later I read the book to our daughter's 2 girls: nearly 9 and 14 ½. My daughter is a Special Ed teacher, she listened in and she was so impressed, that she is taking the book to school, hoping that the librarian will order it for the school. It was amazing to see how even the 14 year old still got drawn into this picture book (as it is nonfiction and she enjoyed the photos and little details she did not know about the bugs.)

They all seemed to enjoy how the book talked to them: "Are you ready to have fun?" The little funny parts you built into the text - you have to lift your shirt, if you want to listen and if your ears were on your belly. They loved the squirting bugs and were able to name them all, so it was very interesting to them.

They actually picked up the humour and called the Carpenter Ant "Archie, the Carpenter Ant", as we have a friend Archie who is a carpenter. They laughed especially at the Stinky Beetle making a handstand to squirt. So every little thing pulled them along, always concentrating and fully tuned into the story.

Queen Iween's Fans