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Queen Iween's Books

Beautiful Butterflies

Insights into the Book

Queen Iween's Bug Buddies

Queen Iween, the delightfully illustrated and enthusiastic queen bee, is back to educate and entertain children using a fact-based narrative, along with compelling real life photographs.

In this book, "Queen Iween's Beautiful Butterflies," she enlightens children on such topics as the butterfly's valuable role in the pollination process, the four stages of a butterfly's complete metamorphosis, and the greatest mystery of all, the monarch butterfly migration. As well, Queen Iween introduces children to her butterfly friends from around the world.

While imparting her knowledge in a fun and enjoyable way, Queen Iween celebrates the internal beauty that comes from doing good things for others. She also focuses on understanding and appreciating the differences in people's appearances and cultures.

This is the second of a series of Queen Iween books, all focusing on nature, ecology and conservation. Each will have underlying messages pertaining to important values such as respect, honesty, integrity and kindness.

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