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About the Authors

Meet Tim and Irene Hunt

Irene HuntTim and I share a passion for nature photography and for children. One might easily liken us both to being "big kids" ourselves. Family gatherings typically involve a game of chase or hide-and-seek as well as a good ole tickling match, which is quickly followed by the statement "no tickling allowed Uncle Tim and Auntie Irene!" We relish every minute we can get with the kids in our lives...nieces, nephews, neighborhood kids and our friends' kids.

In addition to our love of photography and children, Tim and I share a love of the great outdoors! We both enjoy hiking, camping, surfing, and fly-fishing which have exposed us to some incredibly beautiful places. Tim Hunt FishingIt is this love of the great outdoors that inspired us to use our photography to help educate and enlighten children on all aspects of nature. We hope that through our books we can spark a child's interest in, and appreciation for, nature...ultimately leading to a desire to preserve it.

There are many children in this world that have not had an opportunity, or conscious desire, to experience nature first hand...we hope to change that reality. Desire can create opportunities. The opportunities in this world are limitless; we just need to have the desire, ambition and determination necessary to make it happen. If it were not for these things Queen Iween and her book series would never have come to be!

Our desire is threefold:

  • To enrich the lives of children by opening their eyes to the beauty of nature.
  • To help develop an appreciation for people and nature alike.
  • To contribute to the preservation of the environment for many generations of children to come.

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